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3 Aug Location: Earth. Device: iPhone5, iPad Gen3, Kobo, Kindle Fire, Kobo Vox. Samsung Galaxy Tab 7. and are 2 of my favorites. I have many Farscape mini stories on my home computer from these sites and feed them to my ipad for quick reads. I put them in ReaddleDocs. Get your Fanfic Pocket Library. This app is an UNOFFICIAL fanfiction Reader for the Archive Of Our Own (AO3) site. More convenient structure for Groups of Downloaded fanfics!. ER Fanfiction (Archive rescued by ) ER Pandemonium (Rescued by ) ER Realm of Slash aka ERROS (Archive for stories by the ERROS Yahoo! Group.) The Lounge (Organized by season and author.) Luka Kovač Fan Fiction (Devoted to Dr Luka Kovač, Goran.

16 Oct Of course with him chewing, all Dean got was, 'Nom nom nom Michael and Luci- nom-er nom nom dicks nom nom nom Gabriel nom dead.' "Okay then Then what are you here for?" Dean asked, wondering if the angel of death was going to show him why the kid was named so. Dean eyed Death's ring. TV Shows: ER fanfiction archive with over stories. Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans. They were caught off guard by the sound of a motorcycle approaching the ER entrance. They both watched as the motorcycle She gave a small wave, picked up her bag and entered the ER without looking back. Carter was shocked. He never . Romano pulled out an iPad and handed it to Lucy. "Here is her chart." " Ooh.

10 Apr Now the iPad is making that vision a reality. Alan Rusbridger with his new iPad at the Guardian's Kings Place offices Photograph: Katherine Rose Pity the intrepid souls at Plastic Logic, who invented another reader, about to be launched any month now but which is ever so slightly, er, black and white. 18 Aug By the time I started writing fan fiction, I'd already experienced the fifth-grade class where a stranger came into the room to show us pictures of what genitals . been worked into something appealing, but with me at the helm, it was everything that had happened in those first 40 minutes, but exploding-er. Read 第一章 (The First Chapter) from the story 現実 {Reality - A Len Kagamine fanfic} by Philippines_Ann (Ann Dalisay & Deedee French) with reads. fanfiction An anime about an anime(er, the animated world.) A girl with an iPad lay sprawled on her bed, using her thumb to turn pages in a manga she downloaded.


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