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Value, Description. xx-small x-small small medium large x-large xx-large, Sets the size of the font to different fixed sizes, from xx-small to xx-large. smaller, Decreases the font-size by one relative unit. larger, Increases the font-size by one relative unit. length, Defines the font-size in length units. %, Sets the font-size to a % of. 19 Dec Design your own font easily with the new and improved typography creation tool Prototypo. 3 Jan "Promises simplify deferred and asynchronous computations. JavaScript promises started out in the DOM as "Futures", renamed to "Promises", and finally moved into JavaScript. This is happening already with Quota Management, Font Load Events, ServiceWorker, Web MIDI, Streams, and more.

18 Apr Not to be confused with: Several other languages have mechanisms for lazy evaluation and deferring a computation, which they also call "promises", e.g. Scheme. Promises in JavaScript represent processes which are already happening, which can be chained with callback functions. If you are looking to. 22 May When the FontFace (DOMString family, (DOMString or BinaryData) source, FontFaceDescriptors descriptors) method is called, execute these steps: Let font face be a fresh FontFace object. Set font face's status argument to "unloaded". Set its internal [[FontStatusPromise]] slot to a newly-created Promise. Promises. - OTHER. A promise represents the eventual result of an asynchronous operation. Usage % of. all users, all tracked, tracked desktop, tracked mobile. Global. % + % = %. Current aligned. Usage relative. Date relative. Show all. IE. 6; 7; 8; 9; 10; Edge*. 12; 13; 14; 15; 16; 17; Firefox. 2; 3;

unhandledrejection/rejectionhandled events. - LS. The unhandledrejection event is fired when a Promise is rejected but there is no rejection handler to deal with the rejection. The rejectionhandled event is fired when a Promise is rejected, and after the rejection is handled by the promise's rejection handling code. Usage % . SDCH Accept-Encoding/Content-Encoding · Shadow DOM v0 · Shadow DOM v1 · theme-color Meta Tag · WAI-ARIA Accessibility features · Wav audio format · WebAssembly · WebM video format · WebVTT - Web Video Text Tracks · Window. devicePixelRatio · WOFF - Web Open Font Format · WOFF - Web Open Font. DOM Events and Promises. Patrick Smith Follow | Patrick Smith's Posts. Oct 18, Adding an event listener to a text field. As you type, a JavaScript event handler reflects the input text to be reversed on the left. HTML; CSS; JS; Result. EDIT ON.

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